It was a beautiful, sunny West Coast day on May 26, 2012 with no clouds in a blue, blue sky.  Even though the early morning was a tad chilly, it warmed up nicely.  It was nice to be greeted with a light breakfast of muffins, fruit and coffee organized by the Regatta people and the Board.  Thanks go to all who worked so hard on organizing this regatta.

As usual, the AIAB crews had a great showing in all their races.  The Breast Cancer Challenge Race is so important for raising awareness and the Flower Ceremony is always especially moving for our Novices.  Linda Arato’s speech was amazing.  It was one time we could actually hear it.  Although the song went on too long we did our sing-a-long until with some laughter we threw our flowers into the water.  All of us were remembering those paddlers, friends and family who have passed with sadness and a touch of nostalgia.

It was a long day, topped off by our ‘every other year’ group AIAB photo.  It is important to have a recent and spectacular photo of us to be used on promotional material and ready for any wonderful media attention.

Well done all!

Photos by:  Wendy Matsubuchi and Carol Turnbull