From the desk of Novice Diarist – – Noella Travas


Jan 29, 2013

My first crew meeting was unreal – the air was filled with positive energy, the bonding among the crew members – true and beautiful.

Nobody discussed their illness, as each face told a story – upwards and onwards.

Hope and pray all the respective teams have this same energy and spirit.

I was touched by the testimony of One of the paddlers – she said that paddling connects her with nature and I found that so profound! You have no idea how excited I am to get involved and be part of this group…Noella

April 2013

Paddles up! Take it away!
What more can I say,
After life throwing many challenges my Way,
I am here to Stay.
Reach it out, Rotate, sit up , is what they Say,
At the end of the day, it is “Fun” all the way!

It has been a month of paddling with an awesome Richmond Crew who have been very supportive. Our Coach-Margaret, crisp commands, with a kind voice and a warm heart; Our Manager-Sheila, keeps us abreast with the rest, singing the “announcements….”; Our Captain–Joan, logging our time, well spent on the water; Our Steer person-Judi, who steers us away from trouble; the Candy Lady-Anne, any excuse for a breather, the Paddlers always cracking up with some joke, making our entire journey and practice enjoyable, not forgetting the sights and sounds of exotic birds perched on a tall pole for a better view of the Richmond crew, or the seals basking in the setting sun on a lonely log floating on the water.

I feel so blessed and honored to be part of this entire package. Onwards and Upwards is the Way to Go!