Abreast In A Boat ~ Videos in the Media

LUNCEC- Rosas del Plata

This video shows the get together with the novices of LUNCEC- Rosas del Limay, a team that waited for Abreast In A Boat to be started on February 26th 2016.  This team is located in Neuquén, Patagonia, Argentina.  Due to  high gusty winds it was not possible to train on the water. That was not a limitation at all! The training was on land in a simulated “chair-ed” boat. Since then, this team is paddling weekly. Although it is a short time since these ladies got together they feel they are best friends and are feeling the emotion of exercising and being together in this boat of Hope. The Flower Ceremony was small and very touching.The Governor, the Minister of Health and the Bishop of Neuquén were the authorities present at this ceremony.

Tigre get together with Argentine Breast Cancer Teams

This is the video of the first weekend in Argentina in Tigre, close to Buenos Aires. It was a get together with the four brand new breast cancer dragon boat teams: Remeras Rosas La Plata, PodeRosa, Rosas del Plata and LUNCEC- Rosas del Limay. All the novices were excited for their first time to be together as teams and for getting on board the dragon boats. The presence of Abreast In A Boat helped on their very first steps of this activity. These are the first dragon boats in the country; this means that there are no coaches, no activity of this kind available there. The Flower Ceremony was the first of Argentina and of South America!

Local dragon boat team helps WWII vet honour fallen soldier

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Breast cancer survivors dragon boat team save drowning man’s life

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The Live Eye Interview, June 19th, 2013, Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival Celebrates 25 Years

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go! Vancouver @ Dragon Boat Festival

AIAB Interviewed at Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival

Breakfast Television Interview

Abreast In A Boat President, Judi Clark and Communications Chair, Linda Hopwo talk with Jody Vance of Breakfast Television about their stories.

Proud In Pink

An awareness video, 18 minutes long and including footage of AIAB paddling in False Creek and also interviews with Board Members. Also includes excellent research and equipment footage.

  •  Volunteer paddlers from AIAB out on the water at False Creek and interviews with Board Members.
  •  The Child and Family Research Institute with an interview with Dr. Christopher Maxwell.
  •  BC Cancer Agency with an interview with the founder of Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, BC & Yukon Division, Judy Caldwell.
  •  New Core Biopsy Equipment being used at Women’s Hospital.