July 3 and 4th , 2010

The Barnet and Deas crews had a great time in Whistler even though it was a little cold and windy. Congratulations to Deas Divas for winning a silver medal in the Women’s B Division; to Heather Innes for steering very successful races for the False Creek National Master’s Team; and to the North Shore Dragon Busters for winning a silver medal in the Scotiabank Breast Cancer Challenge Race. A very special thank you to Ysa and Lois for organizing the Scotiabank Breast Cancer Challenge Race and Flower Ceremony and to Brenda Tierney, who did an excellent job of commentary and to all our members, family and friends who helped in so many ways.

Orrie Babiuk

Barnet at Whistler 2010

It was a dark and stormy night – er – it was a cool, cloudy, misty, wet, windy and wavy weekend at Whistler for the Third Annual Whistler Regatta!  It was amazing to watch the qualifying heats for the Nationals and then the semis and finals.  Way to go, Heather Innes, steers for False Creek!

The Barnet crew worked very hard this season for some very respectable race times.  Three 200 m races on Saturday were followed by a superb dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory.  Amazing wait staff there!  After dinner the Barnet crew split up to pursue their separate desires – some relaxing in their rooms, walking the Whistler Town Square, shopping for bug spray and some joining the Divas at Tantalus for refreshments!

Sunday the weather was much the same as Saturday.  Three 500 m races were executed with strong, steady rates.  Jenny Silver and Nell Remple were our strokes extraordinaire!  Lynne Davis, our steers was superb as usual.  She definitely had an interesting weekend with ‘held’ starts and wavy conditions.  Coach Orrie called from the hot seat and Coach Debbie encouraged us from the middle.  As usual, our Manager, Sharon kept us in line and on time for marshalling, warm-up and racing.  On behalf of the Barnet crew – “Thank you!”

The fourth 500 m race was for the Scotiabank Breast Cancer Challenge Cup.  Seven boats participated and with two boats that were competing in the Nationals it was an amazing race.  After rafting together, Barnet’s own Brenda Tierney was the voice of the Flower Ceremony and we heard the song by Shari Ulrich, “Rolling River” for the first time.  Congratulations to medal winners.

So ends another successful season for the Deas Divas and Barnet crews.

Dorothy Fenning

Watch this video of the Deas and Barnet crews racing at the Whistler Dragon Boat Festival