Margaret Hobson & Kamini Jain

Margaret Hobson & Kamini Jain

Over 65 Abreast In A Boat Paddlers attended Kamini Jain’s dry land training on Friday, April 4th.  Kamini, owner of Right Angle Performance ( and her “Premiere” paddlers reinforced the proper technique for holding our paddles, rotating, hinging, and extending out for our strokes.  We were reminded to think about reaching across a table to shake someone’s hand and not to get our sleeve in the gravy.  Great analogy!  The novices were given an overview on the erg machine while the rest of us found a partner and practiced some paddling exercises.  Kamini shared a video link with us which demonstrated the proper paddling technique, and by the end of the evening we felt ready to give it a try on the water either at the Saturday or Sunday clinic.

Three experienced helpers were on each boat to work “one on one” with the novices and to help those who were having difficulty mastering the technique of the stroke.  Kamini travelled alongside us in a coach boat where she was able to get a better view of the entire boat, and able to quickly see where instruction was needed.

Kamini & Premier Paddlers (Taro too!)

Kamini & Helpers (Taro too!)

As always we came away feeling exhilarated, and excited that we have taken our paddling to another level.  Rain or shine it is always great to be on the water!

Here are a few quotes from some of our paddlers about their experience this weekend:

“Every time I attend a paddle clinic with Kamini I learn something new. She is a wonderfully motivating coach.” ~ Neoma Ham

“Each time I attend one of Kamini’s clinics I always learn something new and I have a deeper understanding of the paddling stroke due to her analogies and direct coaching style.” ~ Lisa Tildsley

“I have a better understanding of the catch and finish.  You know you are going back to far if you go further than your shoulder (for the finish), don’t know why I didn’t get it before cause that is mid-thigh!!” ~ Tannis Hutfetler

Geri Maden, Denise Nelson & Cheryl Linsey

Geri Maden, Denise Nelson & Cheryl Linsey

“I really enjoyed this clinic, the weather cooperated, we were once again in a sea of pink, and Kamini as always was her engaging self. There was a lot (but not too much to take in) new information and at times when the two boats came abreast of each other, I felt the urge to hinge down to the gunnel waiting for the horn.” ~ Arleigh Bennington

Thanks to Margaret Hobson, our Richmond Crew coach for organizing the clinic and to Kamini and her helpers for their patience and for making it all look so easy.