The Steveston Farmer’s Market AIAB booth went well. The day turned out to be fabulous with lots of sunshine and people shopping for their fresh vegetables for Thanksgiving dinner. We were there from 9:30am to 4:00pm. Many people passing by had stories of loved ones and they appreciated talking to us. We passed out brochures and postcards to all the other vendors and we talked to a number of women who were very interested in joining AIAB. Volunteering at the booth throughout the day were Lorraine Bird, Sue Tong, Leslie Lewis, Margaret Hobson, Sheila Tynan, Lyn Scott, Beverly Rossoff, Roslynn Fielding and myself. Many thanks to Sheila Blair for such a well organized package of information that made it very easy to set up the booth.

Yvonne Stich

AIAB at the Steveston Market

Promoting AIAB in boa fashion at the Steveston Market