We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day for our 14th annual Run for the Cure, benefitting the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, one of the major sponsors and supporters of Abreast In A Boat. Our numbers were down this year, but we still were able to raise almost $10,000 with our team of 19.

I believe that the last time our numbers were down, both in participants and dollars was the Australia year, so being an international year might have had some bearing on our numbers. I fully expect next year to have a larger representation of Abreast In A Boat members! 🙂

I had an interesting experience at the Run this year when I visited the Survivor Tent. Actually, it was two interesting things. I was going to enter a draw for a prize that was meant to go to a breast cancer survivor and the volunteer was reluctant to let me enter as it was supposed to be for breast cancer survivors only. I had to point to my shirt and explain that I was a member of AIAB which also meant that I was a survivor! I was very surprised as I thought everyone knew about AIAB!

She then proceeded to do the same thing to the next lady who approached her, who also happened to look youngish for having had breast cancer. When this lady, too, explained that she was a survivor, I turned to her and asked if she was interested in dragon boating. As it turns out, she was and I hope that she looks us up! (at least our message is reaching breast cancer survivors!)

What also surprised me was that the pre-conceived notion is still out there that breast cancer only happens to older women. We are living proof that this is not the case. Point in fact is that some of our members were diagnosed in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s and we should be celebrating that they are still with us 10, 15 and 20 years later! Does dragon boating play a role in that? I think so!

We also had the added bonus of having some video clips made of us which will be used in future fundraising efforts by the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. It was fun to feel like a star for a day! Lastly, thanks to all of the supporters that also came out and walked with us: spouses, children, family, friends, and dogs.

Marcia Rempel
Team AIAB Captain