Lisa Webb, from the Abreast In A Boat, FORT-itude crew gave a compelling talk and survivor speech to a group of students involved in the KMPG recruitment day.  (KPMG has offices in 33 locations across the country.  They provide crucial services to many public and private business, not-for profit and public sector organizations in Canada).  The students were going out in groups around Vancouver doing an event similar to the Amazing Race.  They decided that all the proceeds from the day’s event would go to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

14_Webb_Lisa-150x141KMPG wanted to have a breast cancer survivor share their story to help the students make a connection to the cause that they would be promoting during the event.

Lisa shared her very heartfelt story about her breast cancer experience. She also talked about what paddling with Abreast In A Boat means to her, the important role it has played in her life.  A role that each and every member of AIAB can relate to.

Thank you Lisa for sharing your story!