Colombia Outreach – 2018

AIAB’s Adriana Bartoli once again organized a very successful South American outreach — this time to Cartagena de Indias in Colombia, running from 2-7 October 2018. Other members of AIAB who joined the outreach were Judy Crumlin and Dolly Devi from Abreast in Alder Bay, and Bessy Bueso, Elisabeth Villeneuve and Carol McKay from Abreast Deas Divas. There were also 25 other veteran International Breast Cancer Paddling Commission (IBCPC) paddlers…


NATIONAL POST ‘I’m dancing a happy dance’: Breast cancer survivor wins a political victory. https://nationalpost.com/pmn/news-pmn/canada-news-pmn/new-brunswicks-main-parties-pledge-to-address-womens-health-issues CBC Liberals, PCs promise to give women breast density information https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/new-brunswick-pc-liberal-breast-density-election-promise-1.4814131 TELEGRAPH JOURNAL ARTICLE- ( PAY WALL)   https://www.telegraphjournal.com/telegraph-journal/story/100706354/breast-cancer-kathy-kaufield-new-brunswick?source=story-rotator


Courage To Come Back: Esther’s Story

During May 2017, Esther Matsubuchi received the prestigious Courage To Come Back award at a sold-out gala.  She gave a speech and confided she planned to deal with her public speaking jitters by imagining she was in a dragon boat race and as she settled in at the microphone (the start line), she would take […]


Survivor Showdown – Fri., June 17, 2016

Survivor Showdown : Inaugural Dragon Boat Challenge Race Friday, June 17,  2016 @ Dragon Zone It all began when Vince, a Grand Dragon, approached Abreast In A Boat (AIAB) and challenged us to have a FUN race. At the time, he was the ONLY prostate cancer survivor who knew how to paddle a dragon boat, […]



INTRODUCTION Never thought that HOPE was tangible, had colours and shapes until we met with the Argentine novices last February. Hope has replaced loneliness and fear and changed their lives forever! The promise was, “As soon as the boats touch the Argentina’s water we will accompany you in the very first steps in dragon boating. […]