May Day Parade in Fort Langley – May 21, 2012

I am so impressed with all of you who were able to come out today… what a great job and great teamwork from everyone! We did get a bit soggy but hey… we’re used to it!

A huge THANK YOU to our sister paddlers and their families from DEAS who joined us! We truly appreciate your support.
To all of our dragon-bearers you were great with your “serpentining” which definitely wowed the spectators. From Marie’s vantage point in the front car she could hear the spectators getting excited and saying “Hey, there’s a dragon coming!”

And I know our chant was new to many of you but you sounded like you’d been doing it forever! Our banner-bearers, walkers and drivers did a wonderful job and we were all able to get our word out and show the crowd that there is life after breast cancer!

Thank you so much to all the AIAB members/paddlers, family and friends for their support and help today.

Paddles Up,
Peggy Howard