Congratulations to Kamini Jain and Heather Innes

Kamini Jain, our AIAB Coaching Advisor, has been named Crew Director of Canada’s National Premier Open (men’s) and Premier Mixed teams. She will be preparing the athlete’s for the 2011 IDBF World Dragon Boat Racing Championships August 1-7, 2011 in Tampa, Florida. Heather Innes has been named Steersperson for the Senior’s C Division.

Kamini kayaked with the Canadian National team for 7 years as well as kayak fours in 2000 and 2004. Since retiring from the national team she has focused on coaching dragon boating. She is currently coach of the False Creek High Performance Program which won the world championships in 2009.

When asked what brought her to Vancouver from Calgary, she replied, “That’s simple, Calgary’s lakes are frozen for 6 months of the year!”

Last season Margaret Hobson approached Kamini to see if she would help mentor our AIAB coaches. Kamini was glad to help us partly due to the fact that both her mother and sister have had breast cancer. She feels that AIAB is a great group of women and she loves to hear our conversations about the many different issues that we have faced. She now feels more “connected” to the challenges of those with breast cancer. Her claim that she doesn’t “baby” us is very well founded!

Heather, steersperson for Abreast with Fortitude, joined AIAB in 2006 after being invited to attend our 10th celebration by our current President, Orrie Babiuk. Heather is an avid boater so it isn’t surprising that she became interested in joining AIAB after talking to the steers while on the supporters boat at the 10th celebration. Heather feels very honoured to be participating in the championships in Florida.


Kamini and Heather

Written by Sandy Lowe, Communications Chair