Our participation at Golden Spike Days at Rocky Point was a huge success.  Abreast In A Boat offered free dragon boat rides alternating every half hour with the Nothin Dragon Seniors Team from 1:00 – 5:00pm.  Within an hour or so the rides were booked for the entire day!

The Information Booth was set up inside the gates as well as a small one set up down by the water and dock.   This one was shared with the Nothin Dragon team, and where the  waivers were signed and PFD’s and paddles were handed out.  We were visible everywhere!

Thanks to all our members who volunteered their time to help with the paddling demos, and with the setting up, manning, and dismantling of the Information Booth.

A special thanks goes to Lynn Davis who has spend endless hours working with the organizers of the event, and our recruiting our membership to ensure our success.

A thank you also goes to Lisa Tildsley from Fortitude who came to enjoy Golden Spike Days with her hubby, arriving with her paddle in hand in case we needed her.

The Doriana looked resplendent complete with her head, tail and drum.  Our sea of pink created quite a picture both on the grounds and on the water.  Some of us got a little carried away with the dragon stamps and had imitation tattoos all over our bodies.  Not a good look!

We consider it a great day at the Information Booth when we get three people very interested in joining our organization!

Linda Hopwo

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