Barnet at the Dash

Abreast in Barnet arrived in good time for the races. The AIAB tent was set up quickly and Linda and Calvin set up their tent next door so we had lots of room. The weather was mixed but, amazingly, every time we went out to marshall the sun came out.

In our first race at 9:00 am, we were against two other boats and right in it, but our timing was off a little in the middle. Our second race was better, still right in it but something was still a bit off. After changing a few seats around in the back, our third race was superb. The timing was good and everyone mentioned how there was that special “feeling” in the boat. We went with the same line-up in the fourth race, which was the final, and once again we were right in it and only beaten in the last 20 meters.

Coach Rosemary did a great job up front and her calls were well received. Our strokes, Bunny and Sandy kept us right in time and Lynne’s steering was outstanding. Every time we docked, the volunteers commented on our crew and the manoeuvring of the boat to the dock. On our last race Lynne was praised for getting the boat right beside the pier. The volunteers told us we were the best team at it, which made our day.
Thank you to our new manager, Diane F., in her first assignment on a race day. She did an excellent job of “herding the cats” and giving us the “news” and commenting on our “form”. Thank you also to Patricia T. and Francoise for stepping up and joining us for the Dash when we were short of paddlers. Last, but no means least, we have to thank Rosemary’s daughter for providing us with coffee, muffins and scones. Everyone appreciated this kind gesture very much and thoroughly enjoyed the feast.

Then it was off to the Pub!

Brenda McQuade