Salomé, Adriana, Gabriela Rojo, Joaquín González

Salomé, Adriana, Gabriela Rojo, Joaquín González

When I was asked to write about my experience of being interviewed about Abreast In A Boat at Co-op Radio I was frightened. I was confronted with such a big challenge as my mother tongue is Spanish and I had to write in English!  But then I thought that when you write from the heart, the message is transmitted all the same, and I relaxed and became very happy.

As soon as I learned about Abreast In A Boat (almost immediately after I was diagnosed) I felt the necessity to join.  I can tell you, it is one of the best things I have ever done. I felt suddenly connected with dozens of “sisters of life”.  This brought me joy.

It was these feelings and emotions that drove me to sit and be interviewed in a very comfortable atmosphere at a Latin Radio Show called Romantic Tango. I spoke out to the Latin community about the importance of regaining a full life after breast cancer treatment through support and physical activity, and the importance of not feeling alone. It was so easy as Joaquín, the radio host, was conducting a delightful conversation and was fully connected to it.

The addition of the beautiful music the radio station plays made for a peaceful and inviting mood and the interesting questions kept the conversation going. I left the radio station willing to go back in October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to continue spreading seeds, hoping to support more ladies so that they may change their lives by joining AIAB.

That is the outcome for me at this moment of my life:  live strong, be happy and help others to achieve this as well. It is not so difficult, it’s just a question of carrying on!

Thank you very much to Joaquín González and the radio staff for having me on their show. Also, thank you so much to Gabriela Rojo, Vancouver’s Tango icon, for introducing me to Joaquín. Co-op Radio, CFRO 100.5 FM

Adriana Bartoli is a novice with the Deas Divas and though she cannot paddle due to health reasons she is a true Diva and attends practices and regattas. Adriana is passionate about AIAB and has been busy promoting AIAB to the Spanish community.

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