A Rip Roaring Finale
Fitness Challenge Part II

The second Fitness Celebration began much the same as the last for me. My husband kicked me out of bed again as I whined about the early hour. This time it was a beautiful sunny day and the crocuses were popping up everywhere. The caffeine kick started my day again—that was the second kick start of the day wasn’t it? There was also a delicious apple coffee cake that helped immensely.

We were supposed to bring our activity diaries with us, but given that mine wasn’t filled out, I just happened to not bring it and pretend it was all filled out. “ Oops! I am so sorry, I forgot to bring my fully filled out diary! Darn!” I had been working out twice a week and doing some power walks in between so I did not feel too guilty. There were lots of good questions for Silvia. I hope we see her again next year. The repeat BMIs went really well and lots of fat had been shed to cries of joy from the participants.

Carole Dale regaled us with stories of her fitness challenge ten years ago—a climb in the Himalayas to view the peaks of Mount Everest. What an inspiration for our group. My favourite line of hers was that it was so cold at night that she would never do that that trip again without catheterising herself at bedtime. It seems a little frostbite on the butt in the middle of the night in the Himalayas will do that to you. I know that we’re tough women and we endure the odd blister on our butts early in the season, but the catheter idea seems like a good one to me if I ever go trekking.

The real highlight of the day was our workout with Norman Sam. He is a cool dude—a fit and lively dancer much younger than myself which led me to pretend I was taking breaks for water, not because my legs were burning and I couldn’t breathe. His dancing moves and music were contagious and full of fun. He looked like a leprechaun leaping about and I felt like an overweight bullfrog trying to get my body off the ground. There was a bit too much jumping and my workout group with Tracy knows I don’t do jumping. I peed my pants, and then I laughed at myself so hard I peed them again. Would I do it again? Absolutely!

The sight of that sea of fuchsia women joyfully trying their best to keep up to him was a sight for sore eyes. And keep up to him they did! Maybe not quite so gracefully, but certainly with the kind of determination that our AIAB dragon boaters always put on display everywhere they go.

Hats off to you girls!
Gail Belcher

A Day Beyond Fun!
Our AIAB Fitness Celebration, Part I

The day began with whining. As I crawled out of bed on a cold and frosty February morning, I complained and grumbled that I didn’t want to go to the fitness event. My husband did not say a word. He just kicked me in the butt. So I picked myself up off the floor and I went.

No trouble finding the place and it is very pretty there. Good coffee! I am not a morning person. Coffee is important to me. Nice healthy snacks like fresh fruit. Now I’m rolling. I learned something from all of our speakers. As a lifelong learner, this is important to me. Many of us wept when Tracy and Neoma talked about their trip to Toronto for the young breast cancer survivors conference—-and laughed.

My favourite part of the day was the pole walking lessons, led by Judy. I love Judy, but I did get in trouble with her three times for talking too much while she was talking—it was the caffeine. I can’t be trusted when I drink strong coffee. I have no self control. I am not allowed to drink coffee before I get into the dragon boat. Anyway, back to the poles! We were all outside in a very pretty park, putting our new skills to work, walking in circles first, and then up the trail for a little spin.

There was an elderly man sitting in his wheelchair, watching us from the sidelines. All of a sudden he called out, “This is better than TV any day!” We were amusing. Some of us were tripping over our poles. Some of us were tripping over our own feet. OK, it was me! I was tripping over my own feet. Coordination isn’t my strong point. And then there was the caffeine!

We did other types of exercise that were all fun and energizing. We had tons of door prizes and guess who won the first prize—-it was all about luck, not an A for effort. I had too much fun for the effort part. It was me. I chose the hot pink walking poles. I have no idea why. I had not even figured out how to use the poles. I was too busy figuring out how not to tangle my feet up. Anyway, I came home very high on caffeine and exercise, with my hot pink poles with the little black rubber boots on the end of them. They are so cute.

My eight year old granddaughter thinks they are ski poles and that I just got back from downhill skiing in Whistler—what a hoot she is! My four year old grandson thinks they are my new canes, because I often have a sore back. So I have just found two new uses for my walking poles. I say this as my husband kicks me out the door for my pole walk around the block. I am a bit clumsy, but I look hot! My poles are so beautiful!

Sooooooo, if you had half as much fun as I did, getting high on exercise, caffeine, fresh fruit, friends, life and bracing morning air, you will want to be there for Part II.

Gail Belcher

A Bright Spot of Colour on a Gray Day

On January 26, 2011 at approximately 7:35 am on our local City TV station, our media stars: Pat Docking (Sponsorship Vice Chair) and Neoma Quintin, one of our younger members provided the viewers with key AIAB points and personal messages of thriving in spite of breast cancer.

In their eye-catching team shirts the two looked relaxed in front of the cameras and were able to direct viewers to our website and encourage other survivors to join our dragon boat team. The photo images of a crew in action while wearing our hot pink life vests was an excellent finish to the segment.

It was a definite Happy Pink Day!

Our 2011 Board took part in a Media Training Workshop run by Contemporary Communications.

Media session Members at Media session Susan practicing Linda & Pat practicing Linda practices