Four members of Abreast In A Boat and Dr. Don travelled to Fiji in February 2020.  Thank you to Adriana Bartoli, Dolly Devi, Jane Frost, Judy Crumlin, and Dr Don McKenzie, for bringing our message of hope and an awareness of breast cancer to the Fiji Islands. Here is their story.

How do you describe the power of a sport that can change a life in minutes, especially for those who have experienced a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment? You will find the answer in this story.

I will start with a big BULA! – a word you will hear mostly in Fiji. It is accompanied by a wide smile each time you meet a Fijian, together with smiling deep brown eyes and the feeling of being cuddled in paradise.

Every great dream begins with a great dreamer. This story begins in Vancouver, Canada in 2017, where Dolly Devi was treated for breast cancer and joined Abreast In A Boat, a breast cancer survivor dragon boat team established 25 years ago. Dolly felt the empowerment of the sport that allowed her to return to a new and active life and she began to dream about empowering and bringing hope to breast cancer survivors in her homeland, Fiji.

You can say, dream a dream and your dream will come true. So it happened for Dolly…