Barnet at the BAM

WET, COLD, RAINY, MUDDY, wait a second – was that some SUN??? Seriously, every time we got in the boat it seemed to stop raining! I should have pulled out the sunscreen, because I looked just a tad PINK that night.

Well, Barnet ROCKED! We had the unbelievable time of 2:31 in our first 500 metre race of the season. Just think of where we can go from here! I am so excited about where our team is heading and how we are really coming together in timing, fitness and BREAKING THROUGH to the next phase of this short paddling season. I think I see a 2:20 something in our future!

I mean it – we have those wonderful strokes who set such a good rate for us, we have some very dedicated paddlers and coaches, and we have a lot of untapped strength and desire. Not to mention a few novices who have taken to dragon boating like the proverbial ducks to water! I think we should reign in Diane S. energy and sell it! Careful what you wish for because at the end of our fourth and last race I overheard her say, “Is that it? I want to race again.” Soooo, when Gung Haggis Fat Choy needed two female paddlers to help them out, I reminded her and the two of us ended up in their mixed B final and ended the day with a 2:27!

Five races x 500 metres = 2500 metres – not bad for a novice and a captain who hasn’t paddled since the 2009 season! I think with hard work, consistency and plain desire anything can happen. Let’s visualize the end result at Women’s and see if we can’t pull off a 2:27 of our own! I know we can; I believe we can! Let’s RIP IT!!

Thank you to Manager Diane (on top of everything), Patricia T (for coming out to swell the numbers) and Calvin and family (for extra tents). EVERYONE ON OUR CREW WHO PADDLED TO THEIR LAST BREATH.
Special thanks to Bunny and Sandy (keeping us in time), Orrie (you did a great job drumming and calling), and Debbie and Rosemary (for some good advice).

Captain Marcia Rempel

Orrie is #1

Happy, Happy!