June 10th, 1964 – May 21, 2018

Wendy Susan Thompson was born in Portsmouth, England to a Canadian father and a German mother.  Wendy and family moved to Langley, BC where she grew up on an acreage with many pets. Soon after graduation to escape home, she signed on to a 5-year assignment with the Canadian Navy, where she was trained as an oceanographic operator in Nova Scotia. During the cold war time she listened to all different noises submarines and ships would make in the Atlantic Ocean. Driving her small Pontiac Acadian, she partied with her Navy pals up and down the Nova Scotian coast.  Her early 20’s took her to Münster, Germany, where she learned to be a hair dresser and office manager.  Its here she met Andreas and moved to Berlin, where they married and had her first child, Megan, in 1995. The young family moved back to Vancouver, where her twin sons, Ben and Alex, were born in 1998. She always had a great interest in cooking and good food, so the kids learned early on how excellent food tasted. The family moved to a house in White Rock, where she developed a keen interest in gardening. The front and backyard of her house were slowly converted into a beautiful park.  When she started to show interest in riding, the family moved to Enderby, BC, on an acreage. Wendy bought two Morgan horses and trained them herself in natural horsemanship. She enjoyed riding her horses and living in the nature and beauty of the back country in the Shuswap/Okanagan with her Golden Retriever Schatzy, Bernese Mountain Dog Akina, 3 cats, 2 goats, chickens and turkeys. When the kids grew older, she started working on her own business, Say Cheese, which provided connoisseur cheese tastings and pairings to wineries.  In 2013, her husbands work took them to Oregon.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and started quickly to take interest in dragon boating with Abreast at Alder Bay.  She enjoyed the friendship and comradery of the women on the boat very much. In 2016, she toured different dragon boating heats in BC with different teams and they won a few medals together. When her time came on May 21, 2018, she could look back on an exciting and fulfilled life with many turns.

“The Alder Bay crew and others that have paddled with Wendy sorrowfully miss her keen and wicked sense of humour, her huge smile, her intelligence, love of life,  and her incredible ‘reach’ and sense of team. We have been honoured to know her.”  Rest in Peace our Angel.