Tracey-GibbTracey passed away on 11th May 2006 at the age of 46.

Tracey became a member of Abreast In A Boat in 2005 and paddled with the novice crew “Abreast and Beyond.” She was a member of Abreast–Deas Divas at the time of her death.

We knew Tracey as a breast cancer survivor and dragon boat paddler but Tracey was also a very successful corporate lawyer and well respected amongst her peers. Many of us experienced her grace and humility but she also brought a dose of competitiveness to her dragon boating. It was early in the paddling season that I got a glimpse of the determination that she used to battle her disease. I will never forget our second-ever race as a novice crew in False Creek. We were getting close to the finish line and we were neck-and-neck with another boat. Tracey was stroke and she really picked up the rate and we all followed her to victory. At the end of the race we were all exhausted and I said to Tracey that I thought the stroke rate got quite high and she replied “I wasn’t going to let them beat us!” And so we followed Tracey through a magnificent season.

She was always hopeful and never let the gravity of her situation get the better of her. On her last outing with the Deas crew, less than three weeks before her death, our coach commented on Tracey’s broad smile at the end of our two-hour practice. Tracey replied that she was just “so glad to be there.” Little did we know that this would be her final time with us in our dragon boat.

Thank you Tracey for touching our lives in such a meaningful way. Your memory will always be with us.

Jane Mann