1952 – 2018

Susan Gam was born in China. At age 8, she moved to Vancouver with her mother to re-unite with her father.  Graduating from UBC as a registered Dietitian, Susan worked at Vancouver General Hospital Nutrition and Food Service Department in an administration role for many years before retiring at age 60.

Susan joined Abreast in Richmond in 2012.  She was fun to be with and brought lots of laughter. She participated in many local, national and international dragon boat regattas.

With a strong belief in giving back to society, Susan was always involved in volunteer work, not only for AIAB events but also for numerous community organizations. She served on AIAB’s Board as Membership Vice in 2016.  While she was serving as Membership Chair, in the summer of 2017 Susan went through an extensive surgery due to cancer and another one a few months later which caused her to resign from that role. Despite the physical restraint that preventing her from paddling, in 2018 she didn’t hesitate to take up the responsibility of team manager for Alder Bay.  With difficulty in walking, she still insisted on going to False Creek to watch her teammates’ practices and to cheer them on at regattas.

In August 2018, Susan decided to have her own “Celebrate Life Now” with her beloved families and friends instead of a “Celebration of Life” after her passing.  It was totally Susan Gam’s style that she wanted to attend her own party.  Sadly, she passed away in her sleep on December 2, 2018.

Susan was an avid outdoor sportswoman.  Skiing, camping, trekking, hiking, she had done it all.  She loved to travel and always had passion for food.

Susan will be fondly remembered by her teammates as a brave, kind, fun, strong, caring, intelligent, genuine, active, positive, independent, gutsy, diligent, outspoken, practical, persistent, assertive person.