09angel-sue-mcminnSusie was a long time member of Abreast In A Boat. She had served as Sponsorship Vice-Chair and Chair in 2004 and 2005 respectively. On so very many occasions she volunteered to steer for other teams and therefore knew so many people within the AIAB organization. She was always there to help out whenever needed. She had steered for the North Shore Dragon Busters since their inception in 2008 and was the heart of our team. She loved life and approached it with an infectious joy that spread to all those around her. She was creative and funny. She led our chants at each regatta in such a loud voice and with the most amazing grin on her face that one couldn’t help but grin back even if one was on an opposing team. She supplied us with handmade paddling bling for each regatta and roped her sisters and daughters into making it with her if time was short. Her yells of encouragement from the back of our boat made us try harder in each and every race. And when she would be able to yell out “open water ladies” the pride she took in our team was so very heartfelt that occasional wardrobe malfunctions occurred.

Open water Susie, we will miss you so very much.

Leanne Jacobsen