11MembersAngelsShelleyKirkOctober 5, 1957 – February 2, 2011

Shelley, one of the most brave and decent souls on this earth has left us after succumbing to cancer. She is remembered by the many people she touched in her life. Her impression and influence were never small on anyone she came in contact with. Her co-workers in the financial industry remember her intellect, her tenacity and ability to conquer the impossible.

Shelley was the very first Communications Chair as Abreast In A Boat had always had Communications Committees before she took on the massive responsibility of single-handedly promoting the organization. Her tireless efforts for AIAB helped raise awareness for breast cancer treatment, surviving the disease and engaging in a healthy lifestyle as part of overall wellness. Her friendships were lasting and intense and while she leaves many, she leaves us all with the knowledge that we were all very fortunate for having her in our lives.

Shelley is credited with developing our first ‘postcard’ with all the crews rafted into one team.

Shelley’s wit and her engaging manner will be missed. She was always available to listen, to offer advice and to assist anyone in any way it was needed. She had the gift of packing 48 hours of living into a single day. Her generosity of spirit will be her lasting legacy.

Wherever there is the sound of uproarious laughter, will be the light that is Shelley.

From the Vancouver Sun, Feb 8, 2011 with additions from Maria Hindmarch and Deb Legree.