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— August 12, 2009

We have lost another brave sister with the passing of Sharon White. Sharon was an active supporter of the Barnet crew from 2000 to 2006 in the capacities of paddler, Manager, Event Volunteer Chair of the Ten Years Abreast Celebration Committee and Alumna before she and Bob moved to Vernon.

In the words of her daughter, Tara: Yesterday afternoon (August 12, 2009) our Mom’s long fight ended peacefully. She was a lady who decided that this disease was not going to take her dignity and that’s exactly how her last days were lived. Thank you to all of you for your support and love as Mom wouldn’t have had it any other way.

A memorial service held at Trinity United Church in Vernon on August, 17th, 2009 was attended by Dale Blaire (Barnet) and at Sharon’s request she presented the following eulogy:


It is said that we are given our family, but that we choose our friends
I chose wisely when I chose Sharon.

Friendship is all about Loyalty, love and understanding
Sharon gave me all those things and so much more

Distance and time do not affect a real friendship. Whether I saw
Sharon once a year or once a week, it didn’t matter.
She was always there for me.

Sharon was honest, she was trustworthy, a person who kept her word. She was a hard worker and a loving daughter, sister, wife, mother and a wonderful Grand Mother.

I’ll miss Sharon in my life. I’ll miss her voice, the twinkle in her eyes
and the love she had for me and mine. Nobody will ever replace her
in my life.

Sharon meant a whole lot of different things; she was always there
When I needed help. She was the one who cheered my day when I felt low. Sharon was the one that sat by my bed when I was ill.

Today I grieve because I have lost a dear friend. I know, though, that friendship like Sharon’s surpasses even death. I know she’ll always be there keeping a watchful eye saying “I told you so! Dale stop spending”.

I will always have a smile when I think of the things we did together from Dragon Boating to decorating and de-cluttering. We made a great team. Friendship is like casting a fishing net. You may throw it out but you always pull it back in again. Sharon won’t be with me in body but she’ll always be with me in spirit.

Sharon’s family is grieving deeply but I know they find comfort in your presence. Sharon and Bob’s family was the most important part of their lives. Now my dear friend has gone home to be with God and peace forever more.

Good bye Sharon until we meet again.