SharonEakinsSharon passed away on 17th October 2001 at the age of 55.

Sharon had loved boats and being on the water from an early age, spending her summers growing up at her family cabin on a lake in Ontario. She had fond memories of the loons on the lake, sunsets, lying on her back on the dock looking at the stars, and participating in canoe races at the annual August picnic. A good writer and an avid reader, she loved to discuss books with her friends. She had a very creative design sense and helped to arrange the photo collage behind our Abreast In A Boat display at the BC Cancer Agency.

Sharon visited family and friends in Ontario in June 2001 when she went as an Abreast In A Boat Ambassador to the Toronto Dragon Boat Festival and paddled as a member of the international team.

Sharon had a radiant smile and she was a warm-hearted and caring friend. She had a wonderful sense of humour and fun. Amongst her last words were those to her brother Bill, asking him to “tell me some jokes!” Sharon is greatly missed by her daughter Jordanna, her mother, sisters, brothers, ‘wasband’ Richard and of course, all of us.

Midge Oke