Sally-HaugenSally, always fearless and full of life, died at home at Halfmoon Bay on the Sunshine Coast on July 29, 2013. Born in Stirling, Scotland and raised in Hampshire, England, she emigrated to Vancouver in 1967 where she made life-long friends and met her husband Max. She rode horses at Southlands and enjoyed hunting with the Fraser Valley Hunt.

Breast cancer played a pivotal role in Sally’s life. She faced her diagnosis in 1983 head-on and wanted to learn from it. She volunteered and then worked at the BC Cancer Agency from 1984-2006. In 1997 she joined Abreast In A Boat in its second year, being an enthusiastic member of “Breasting the Waves” one of the two all-novice boats that year. For the rest of her life Sally was involved with dragon boating. In 2003 she was the Global Liaison Chair for Abreast In A Boat and later became a coach for the crew paddling out of False Creek. After eight fun-filled years with Abreast In A Boat, Sally and Max moved to Halfmoon Bay, keeping a small residence in Vancouver for jaunts back to visit her old teammates in Vancouver. On the Sunshine Coast, Sally enjoyed her retirement while co-founding Sunshine Dragons Abreast and later coaching the Porpoise Paddlers dragon boat team. Busy as she was, Sally still found time to visit her old friends in the Lower Mainland and it was always fun to catch up with her at various regattas where she could be seen in any of her roles such as paddler, coach, manager or drummer.

Her passing has left a big hole in AIAB and she will be truly missed.

Elisabeth Villeneuve
Pat Eveleigh