NoreenNightingaleNoreen passed away on 1st November 1999 at the Age of 43.

Noreen was an airforce brat, the only daughter and second child in a family of five. She got in to more mischief than the four boys put together. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997, and joined Abreast in a Boat’s novice team in 1998. The dragon boat team became not only her friends, but her extended family in Vancouver.

Noreen was determinedly self reliant, and did not want to involve her family in the early stages of her recurrence September of 1998. Noreen’s legacy to AIAB was to give us a true sense of what we mean by support. Members who had only known each other for a few months formed a group to support Noreen and helped her live independently for over a year.

Noreen’s spirit and personality enabled us to look after her during this time. We all miss her sense of humour, dry wit, beautiful smile and concern and caring for other people when she was facing so many challenges herself.

Val Sutton