NancyLeithNancy passed away on 30th September 2003 at the age of 51.

Nancy was a truly remarkable person. She grew up in West Vancouver, became a nurse, married and moved to North Vancouver. After having four children she became an active member of her community and continued her nursing career. She worked tirelessly in her children’s elementary (record for years on hot dog committee) and high schools. Nancy revived the Girl Guide movement in her area and helped many girls to achieve their Canada Cords.

In 1998, after her cancer diagnosis, Nancy joined Abreast In A Boat and paddled in the first boat to practise out of Barnet Marine Park. She enjoyed the experience greatly and endeared herself to her boat by monogramming each of her team mates headbands with their initials. They are cherished by many today.

Although she enjoyed paddling and her team mates greatly, she found her time was very limited with her involvement with her family and starting back to her profession of surgical nursing.

Nancy’s breast cancer resurfaced again after a few years and she battled the disease courageously. She also took part in trials for new chemotherapy which added greatly not only to the length of Nancy’s life but to the quality.

Nancy was thoroughly loved by her family and many friends and neighbours in her community. She is missed by many and will always be in our hearts.

Team mates from Abreast In A Boat