MaryHolzMary passed away on April 17, 2009 at the age of 68.

Mary joined Abreast In A Boat in 2005 and paddled on an all novice crew named Abreast and Beyond. It was a special year that year as that was the 10th anniversary of Abreast In A Boat. By the end of the season all of the novices including Mary were looking forward to the next season.

When a crew was formed in 2006 at Fort Langley it was Mary who named the crew “Abreast With FORT-itude”. Mary paddled for the FORT in the 2006 & 2007 season. In 2007 she traveled to Nanaimo, Victoria and Australia with the FORT-itude crew.

Mary paddle for several years until sidelined by her recurrence but even when she could no longer paddle she remained active and participated in as many AIAB activities as she could. She loved going to all the social gatherings and meeting all the members that she had paddled with. She was definitely a party person. Although she was unable to attend the Spring Fling party, a ‘Pink Party’ was organized at her house and was attended by many of the FORT-itude crew. It was a great evening for all of us!

Mary’s other interest included being a girl guide leader for many years and an avid square dancer with her husband Erick.

Mary was a loving wife to Erick, a wonderful mother, a caring grandmother, aunt, great aunt to her niece and certainly a loyal friend.

Every person on the FORT-itude crew has their own thoughts, memories and stories of Mary. We will forever remember the good times we had together and consider ourselves lucky to have known her and have had her as our friend.

Lita Joe