MarleneDunnMarlene passed away on 6th July 2002 at the age of 53.

Marlene was born and raised in Halifax where she trained to become a Registered Nurse. She came to Vancouver in 1972 where she met her husband Bill. They had one daughter Kylie. Marlene gave up hospital nursing to work with special needs children in the Coquitlam School District. She found this most rewarding and satisfying.

Marlene was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1996. After treatment, Marlene and two close friends who had also been treated for breast cancer, decided to join Abreast In A Boat for a new adventure. In 1997 they became members of an all-rookie crew called “Breasting the Waves.” Marlene loved paddling and felt that by joining the group she had “redefined her life”.” She said that going to New Zealand with the team in 1998 was one of the highlights of her life.

When the cancer recurred and she felt she couldn’t paddle, Marlene became a “dynamite” drummer and guided her crews through many successful races. We all lost a very dear friend and supporter of Abreast In A Boat. Marlene’s presence will always be with us when we dip our paddles into the water.

Team mates from Abreast In A Boat