LyndaMagnussonLynda passed away on 8th April 2000 at the age of 55.

Lynda Magnusson was an important part of the Abreast in a Boat Society. Not only was she a paddler (1997-1998) but she was also a team manager (1999), volunteer drummer for the visiting Nova Scotia team (1999), and the beloved editor of our membership newsletter, “Keeping Abreast” (1997-2000).

Lynda was born in Vancouver and grew up in Burnaby. With a BA in Psychology, she worked in alcohol and drug counselling, crisis intervention, volunteer coordination, and with the Canadian Cancer Society. The mother of two grown sons, she was also the wife of Dennis Magnusson, who has been and continues to be an ardent supporter of the Abreast In A Boat Society.

At Lynda’s memorial service, Dennis reminded us all of how much the paddling and team friendships from Abreast in a Boat had meant to Lynda. Below is a quote from Lynda’s first paddling partner, Valerie Pusey:

When we think of companions who travelled by our side down life’s roads,
Let us not say with sadness that they have left us behind,
But rather say with gratitude that they were once with us. (Anonymous)

Team mates from Abreast In A Boat