LouiseLunquistLouise passed away on 29th March 29 1999 at the age of 39.

Louise was a frequent visitor to the Breast Friends support group at Eagle Ridge Hospital. Her first diagnosis of breast cancer was in 1997. When I decided to form a new dragon boat crew at Barnet, Louise wanted to join but was going through chemotherapy at the time. When I suggested that we were in need of a drummer she jumped at the chance. As the practices wore on she made that New Zealand accent of her the loudest and most focal point of the boat. She loved the camaraderie and took up those drumsticks as if she were born to it.

Louise was married to husband Gerry, and had two young children Serena, and Keith.

We miss her but have our memories of a proud and happy member of our group. With her husband’s donation to Abreast In A Boat, we purchased our own drum and seat for our boat at Barnet.

Louise’s legacy was her beautiful smile and determination.

Norma Hicks (an original member of AIAB)