LisaMurphyLisa passed away on 10th July 1999 at the age of 43.

Lisa joined the “Breast Friends” support group at Eagle Ridge Hospital in 1996 after her breast cancer diagnosis. In 1997 Lisa became a paddler with Abreast In A Boat. She was so physically fit, a natural-born paddler and loved every minute of the experience.

After the 1997 season ended, Lisa suffered another setback with her cancer and again went through treatment. This did not deter her. She joined the newly-formed Barnet team for the 1998 season. This really did wonders for her and she brought her children out on several occasions.

Although she was unable to paddle the 1999 season, she gave her support to all her team mates.

Lisa’s untimely death has left a very large space in the lives her friends and family.

Norma Hicks (an Original member of AIAB)