Laura-WellsSeptember 12, 1949 – May 23, 2013

Laura Wells was a well loved novice in 2008 on the Barnet crew.  Although she paddled with Abreast In A Boat for  only that year she was a valuable member from the start – pitching in with the annual start of season cleaning of Doriana and continued through the Dash, Women’s and RTA regattas, making the back of the boat, hers.  A highlight of her season was winning a Bronze medal in the Rec B Championships at the Rio Tinto/Alcan Festival.

Laura loved the venue at Barnet Marine Park since she was an intrepid advocate of the environment.  Her paddling buddies will miss her big smile and quiet ways.  The old Barnet crew a.k.a. Rocky Point will be remembering her as they paddle for Abreast In A Boat on June 8th at the Rose Festival in Portland.

Dorothy Fenning