JosephineMoncurJo passed away on April 18th 2007 at the age of 76.

Abreast In A Boat has lost one of the best in Jo Moncur. Friends describe her as elegant, vibrant, full of life, ready for anything, a crazy driver and very, very funny.

Jo was one of 11 novices who joined the Barnet crew in 2003. She quickly made the last seat her own and was a powerful addition to such a diverse group of women. She had such class and was never without her lipstick.

She loved to paddle and was always ready for a race. Since she was a 20 year plus survivor she was an inspiration to those of us who had a much more recent diagnosis. Jo traveled to Port Alberni, Bellevue, and Portland, and was a member of the crew that went to Poland.

Unfortunately Jo had only two full seasons with AIAB as in 2005 she was diagnosed with a rare environmentally caused cancer of the lungs.

I will always remember the evening I attended my novice information meeting and sat beside a nicely dressed woman. It was Jo. We discussed which crew to join and both decided on Barnet because we found out we both lived in Maple Ridge and less than a mile apart as the crow flies. We carpooled to practices and regattas, shared coffees and goodies at Starbucks and above all laughed a lot.

She had many friends within AIAB and will be missed by all those captivated by her charm.

Dorothy Fenning