JeanneStilesJeanne passed away August 22 1997.

Jeanne joined the dragon boat team in January 1997. She wrote about herself, “I have six sons and twelve grandchildren, aged 2 to 22 years. I like to garden and make Victorian lampshades. I DO NOT like water, but I can swim.”

Jeanne paddled with us in the 1997 Vancouver dragon boat festival. It was Jeanne who acquired the long stem roses so that we could make our tribute to Dorothy. Although her health problems that were related to her breast cancer made it difficult for her to paddle, she participated in the June 1997 races. These problems turned to serious complications and her life was taken before the summer was finished. Jeanne was an outgoing, kind, and generous person. She is missed
as a crew member and a friend.

Doreen McLeod-Smith