Helen Casey joined Abreast Up The Creek in 2016. She was a fun-loving and warm-hearted Irish girl with a great sense of humour.  She was also the proud mother of two young children and loved her family dearly.  She enjoyed her novice year immensely, particularly the camaraderie of dragon boating and being with others who had experienced a breast cancer diagnosis.  She joined the composite Alder Bay/Up The Creek crew to go to the Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival that year where many will remember her green mermaid costume.  Her husband noted that among all the many, many roles she had in her life, she was a “proud medal winning dragon boater.”  She won a silver medal with us at Concord in her novice year and a bronze in Nanaimo.  Sadly Helen was unable to continue paddling with Abreast In A Boat due to the side effects from her ongoing treatment for stage 4 cancer.  She passed away in August 2018.