greta-240x300July 1948 – May 2015

We remember Greta’s infectious laugh, her wonderful sense of humor and how, after only a few dragonboating practices, she announced that she was going to quit.  She hurt in places she didn’t know she had!  Well the gals at the FORT liked her too much to let her do that, so we cajolled her into giving it a little longer and, of course, she put her aches and pains aside and fell in love with dragonboating just as we all have.

When Greta discovered her cancer had returned, she decided to go to the more casual Hope Boat and spend lots of time with her large family and go on some cruises with Henry.  She still came out to support her FORT-itude crew, and we won’t forget the delicious lunches that Greta and Henry brought to our entire organization at one Rio Tinto Alcan regatta.

Greta lived life to the fullest ~ with joy, laughter and lots of strong coffee!   She was most generous and kind.  True to her Dutch roots, she had a very green thumb and authored a book on gardening, “In Your Greenhouse ~ A Beginner’s Guide”.   With her husband, Henry, she helped build the successful business, BC Greenhouse Builders, who have become a big sponsor of AIAB.  When faced with her second cancer challenge, she said she would live season by season with fortitude.  She leaves her inspiration to four children, 18 grandchildren and one great grandchild, as well as to all those who knew her.