09MembersAngelsGailMilesMarch 21, 1942 – July 13, 2009

Gail Miles began paddling with Abreast In A Boat in 2002. Her passion for the organization and for paddling were important parts of her varied and interesting life, which sadly ended on July 13, 2009. From sailing to horses, from travel to Nelson her dog, she gave so much of herself in everything she did. In 2005 she co-chaired our incredible Saturday Night Dragon Fever event for the 10 Years Abreast Celebration, a night that will be remembered by paddlers from all over the world. She joined the Abreast in a Boat Board in 2006 as Communications Vice and moved up to Communications Chair in 2007. In 2008 she joined the North Shore Dragon Busters team in Deep Cove where she paddled until just before her passing.

Gail’s desire to spread our message of hope as far afield as possible led her to South Africa, China, New Zealand and Australia as well as less exotic locals such as Texas, Portland, Kelowna, Nanaimo and Victoria. Gail will be remembered for her incredible smile, her gift of really listening to people and making them feel they were very important to her, her shopping skills and her wonderful sense of humour. She leaves behind her children, grandchildren, her teammates and many friends who miss her very much and will always carry her memory in their hearts.

Leanne Jacobsen