Gail was a member of the first Abreast In A Boat crew in 1996.  To describe her as a “spark plug” would be inadequate; she was a bundle of energy and creativity and love who changed our lives.

Gail moved from Winnipeg to Vancouver in 1986, where she and her husband Gordon ran an adventure travel company called Everest Trekking. Diagnosed first at the age of 43, she was well known for her mantra “carpe diem with a vengeance.”  A marathon runner, competitive sailor, fierce cyclist and hiker, she was also an accomplished artist and published writer. She thought of her life not as a battle for survival, but as an opportunity to find joy and a feeling of accomplishment.

Gail was responsible for our team logo – the boat dipping through the waves.  Discussing her new adventure with a visiting friend, she described what it was like in the boat and they came up with the drawing.  We were all dazzled, and that was that.

She has left a legacy of laughter and love and she will be missed.

~ Carol Dale