Debbi-DeMarco1Debbi passed away on January 30, 2004 at the age of 42.

Debbi Ann Demarco was born in 1961; she married John, her high school sweetheart, and they had two wonderful sons. John, Julian and Jesse were Debbi’s passion and the centre of her universe, summed up in her own words “I am a happy homemaker”. In 2000, after her diagnosis and treatment, she joined Abreast In A Boat. She immediately endeared herself and her whole family not only to her “own boat” but to the general organization.

What was there about Debbi that touched everyone she met? We tried to answer the question and here is the picture that emerged of this much loved woman – “spirit, sparkle, spunk, courageous, outrageous, audacious, beautiful and an infectious sense of humour”.

We will all remember the support and love of her family, their presence at the Run for the Cure and the Alcan Festival with the boys warming up with us. Also, the glorious excitement and surprise 40th birthday party, Debbi in her yellow raincoat and in the boat, urging us on to the finish line to do and be our very best. Wherever we are, she will always be in the boat with us.

Debbi was “The Best” ! !

Jenny Yule