Barb-Lea1Sep 1944 – Feb 2015

Barb, we could always count on her to get a party going! Full of energy, enthusiasm and a love of life….and she wasn’t a bad paddler either!! Barb was on many away crews, including Poland, Singapore, Australia as well as North Amercian venues. We often talk of the time we pulled her up on water skis behind our dragonboat at the Vernon regatta.

Barb’s other passions were golfing, skiing and of course water skiing. She enjoyed her last few years in their winter home in Palm Desert with her husband Jack and son Curtis.

She along with Jean Driscoll-Bell were the masterminds behind the team-sewing effort that created Jeannie-Lea, (named after Jean & Barb). Jeannie-Lea is our famous pink dragon, originally created for the Caloundra regatta in Australia in 2007, and is still being used today in regattas and parades. We will remember Barb every time we march behind Jeannie-Lea.

Elisabeth Villeneuve
Pat Eveleigh