AudreyHamaguchi1Audrey passed away on February 25th, 2005 at the age of 70.

Audrey left us with wonderful memories of the seasons she paddled at False Creek in 1998 and1999. In particular, her team mates remember how, after each practise, she would take a few paddles home to her husband who burned each person’s name into the shaft of their paddle. Then Audrey would bring the paddles back in time for the next practise and repeat the process until everyone on the crew had a personalized paddle. Many of us still use those paddles.

Audrey graduated from Britannia High School, and obtained her Bachelor of Nursing from UBC. She was a dedicated and caring nurse working in the public health field – in Toronto, Montreal, Rochester NY, Peterborough, Ottawa, and Vancouver – until her retirement. Her husband Roy, her children Todd and Deidre, and her many friends were very dear to her. She enjoyed reading, flower arranging, cooking, Chinese herbs, meditation, music and the theatre.

When her breast cancer resurfaced again and she felt she could no longer paddle, she remained very interested in AIAB, in particular, the awareness and educational aspects. Audrey was a wonderful lady!!!

Esther Matsubuchi