10MembersAngelsAnitaCochraneJune 15, 1971 – October 5, 2010

We’re changed now
Not because she left us
But because she touched us
 – Joanna Hutton

Her invincible spirit will be with me always – Bunny Rosse

I was a very nervous novice on April 5th, 2003 down at False Creek for the Abreast In A Boat Wet Behind the Ears event. Many of the 40+ novices that year were there to get their first taste of paddling a dragon boat. We were excited and scared at the same time. Ten of the novices assigned to the Barnet crew smiled into Midge Oke’s camera for the newsletter. Among them was one new friend who stood out – head above the rest – not because she was tall (which she was) but because she was so young and had the biggest smile I ever saw! Anita.

Anita paddled with the Barnet crew for 3 years and steered for the next 2 years even while undergoing treatment for a recurrence. She narrated at the Women’s Regatta Flower Ceremony in 2009; was AIAB’s interim Treasurer in 2006 and was one of AIAB’s best shore supporters when she could no longer paddle or steer.

Anita lived with cancer for nine years and showed everyone who knew her how it was done! She was a fundraiser extraordinaire with teams at The Weekend to End Breast Cancer, CIBC Run for the Cure, and her own Car Rallies and Afternoon Teas.

In her own words…
“After convincing my husband, Mike, to marry me in 2001, and, after shaving our heads as a cancer fundraiser, we bicycled across Canada for our honeymoon!”

She left us with words of encouragement…
“Live life to the fullest and find passion in everything you do.”
“Knowledge is Power. Know Your Body. Never Give Up.”
“Believe. It is what gets me through the day. If I didn’t have belief I would not have the hope and without hope one may as well give up and that is something I just cannot do.”

She never gave up – she just ran out of time” – Mike Cochrane

Dorothy Fenning and Sandy Lowe