Adriana Bartoli, a novice with the Deas Divas, is originally from Argentina and is passionate about starting an AIAB crew in her homeland. Adriana contacted the newspaper Clarin, considered to be the most important and independent newspaper in Argentina, about her desire to start an AIAB crew in Argentina. The newspaper responded enthusiastically to Adriana and through email interviews with the paper and articles Adriana sent them as background information, they published an article, with photos, on their website about AIAB and starting the first dragon boat crew in Argentina. And yes ladies, many of us are now known to Argentina. The paper was so enthused by AIAB that they are planning a special edition article in October during breast cancer awareness month. The article is in Spanish but some browsers have a Translate feature where it can be translated into English.  Link to article

Adriana was also recently interviewed live on Co-Op Radio, Spanish station Romantic Tango, promoting AIAB to the Spanish audience. They were also impressed with Adriana and her message about AIAB and she was invited back for another live interview in October during breast cancer awareness month.

Adriana is a novice but unfortunately due to health reasons was only able to paddle the first few practices. However that has not stopped her from being a very valuable member of the crew. She attends most practices and sits at the back of the boat and uses her aeronautical engineering skills and calculates the knot speed, stroke rate, current and not sure that is even correct but she calculates something and then computes our rate of exertion, speed, strokes and more. She is also our official photographer and snaps great shots on the boat during practice and can be seen with her daughter roaming the regattas for her unique photos.

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