Jeannie Lea

Jeannie Lea

Written by:  Sheila Tynan

In 2005 Abreast In A Boat celebrated their 10 year anniversary.  They invited breast cancer survivors from around the world to join them for a wonderful weekend of camaraderie, merriment and, of course, dragon boat racing.

Jeannie Lea's Creators

Jeannie Lea’s Creators

At the Sunday afternoon closing ceremonies Michelle Hanton of Dragons Abreast Australia, announced that in two years time we could all gather again in Caloundra which is near Brisbane Australia.

The excitement among our crews was palpable.  We knew we wanted to make a good showing.  Plans began to be made.  It was the idea of Barb Lea that we should make a dragon that all our crews could walk with during the street parade.

The idea grew, and with the skill and expertise of Jean Driscoll Bell and her merry band of AIAB helpers, our dragon was assembled on August 26 2007.

Creating Jeannie Lea

Creating Jeannie Lea

Jeannie Lea walked proudly in Australia and has walked with our members on many occasions since.

Barb had the idea and Jean made it a reality.  There was no other name that our dragon could have.