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Are you a breast cancer survivor looking for a new adventure and an opportunity to discover your full potential? Then join fellow survivors in Abreast In A Boat (AIAB).

We’ll guarantee you’ll have fun and meet new friends as you rediscover the possibilities of your life. If you’re feeling down, we’ll lift you up because at AIAB it’s about more than dragon boating. We’re a floating support group, a symbol of hope, and a vivid demonstration that you can have a full and active life after breast cancer.

We welcome all breast cancer survivors who want to paddle with our organization; we have no age restriction and you do not need to have any previous experience with dragon boating or any other sport.

What you do need is to:

  1. Be a breast cancer survivor.
  2. Have completed all treatment, preferably at least six months prior to the beginning of the paddling season (late March to early July).
  3. Be able to resume an aerobic and strength-training program four months prior to the beginning of the paddling season in consultation with your physician.
  4. Commit to following AIAB’s fitness program; for details view the AIAB Training Guide.
  5. Commit to attending two practices per week during the paddling season from late March to early July.

Abreast In A Boat is a non-profit Society run by breast cancer survivors for breast cancer survivors – we understand what you’re going through. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Novice Liaison, Denise Patterson at

We recommend everyone interested attend an information meeting usually held in November or early January. At this meeting you will learn all about Abreast In A Boat – the training required, the venues available, the Coaches, the costs involved and what gear you may need as well as the opportunity to ask questions.

See you there! And Paddles Up!

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Have fun, meet new friends and rediscover the possibilities of your life!
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